When Does Breastmilk Come In?

For first time moms like me, it’s hard to answer questions you cannot resolve on your own such as how do you know if you’re going into a labor or if you have to go to the hospital, etc. etc. Another particular question I have in mind is when does breastmilk come in? Well, being in my 35th week of pregnancy, I don’t feel anything on my breasts so I’m wondering if I’ll be able to give my baby his needed food when he comes out. Let’s hear some answers from mommies out there:

neverregret from babycenter.com:

“the milk doesn’t come in until your baby is about a week old. during the last few months of pregnancy you will start to develop colostrum which is a clear liquid. this is the stuff baby wil drink until your milk comes in. Every woman is different but you usually. I started to leak colostrum when i was in my last month or two. it was all over my bed. if you start to pump early you can have a miscarriage or premature delivery so i suggest you not start pumping until after you’ve given birth”

kathp of i-am-pregnant.com:

The night my milk came in was horrendous. I am only glad that my midwife warned me and explained the reasons why to my husband and I the day before it happened (hormone change over and baby smelling milk on the way so seeking breast every 10 mins to see if it has arrived yet). The following morning I got the sweats and had leaked milk everywhere so I dived into the shower while hubby looked after our baby. As I stood naked in the bathroom, baby Hazel cried in the other room and twin fountains erupted from my breasts. Heavens, that made me laugh… and all was right with the world again.

Mommy 2 Cole from babycenter.com:

“Most women will have their milk come within a few days to a week following the birth of their baby”

Whew! That’s a relief for me. Well, I just hope I’d produce enough for my little one.

Do you have other thoughts on the topic? Please feel free to share with us things we should expect or be aware of. If you also have audio materials, kindly leave the link on your comment and will check it out. God bless and enjoy your pregnancy!

credits: babycenter.com and i-am-pregnant.com

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