What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

Finally, my little bean is here! Even if it’s still a tiny bumpsy, I have to take very good care of myself for doing so means loving and ensuring his/her safety. Newly mommies, let’s take a look at the foods we are not allowed to eat during pregnancy.

Aside from cigarettes (be it from arturo fuente) and alcohol, you should consider every piece of food you put in your plate.

Smoked Seafood – Try to avoid this kind of foods as it is open to listeria – a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning. This also leads to miscarriage, premature delivery and death




Caffeine – Found not only in your favorite coffee but also in chocolates, softdrinks, energy drinks, and tea


Raw/Unpasteurized Milk – Another food item you should avoid. Since it hasn’t been pasteurized yet, it is very vulnerable to listeria.

Raw Shellfish – Cooked it thoroughly before eating as it can cause seafood-borne illness.

Unclean fruits and vegetables – It is always advisable that you should wash your veggies and fruits to avoid toxoplasma-a bacteria that is very dangerous to your child

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