Should Babies Watch TV?

With so many television networks providing children shows, cartoons, educational programs, and more, it is in no doubt for parents to think twice if their babies should watch television.

At most times, this little tube with flat panel stand becomes a substitute for the mother and father’s attention. Admit it or not, but  you use it to keep the children quiet just so you could continue on what you are doing. “But much of it seemed educational, right? Teaching alphabet and all..

Based on research and study, for babies, what they see on television are just a vast array of colors and pictures with noise. They really do not understand what’s in there, especially if every scene spans for only 5-10 seconds tops.

Moreover, time spent in front of the television will take away the natural learning process of your child. At that young age, he should start developing his physical, mental, and emotional areas on more healthy activities.

“So, are you saying that I should forbid my baby to watch television?”

Well, not really. There are programs that allow your kids to be brain-fed. Some of it provides a wider view of the world such as animals,etc. As parents, you only need to be more vigilant on what are you going to feed your child mentally. Also, since television can be addictive, set a specific time for tv watching (ex. 30 minutes per day).

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