Right Age For The Baby To Ride an Airplane

You want to visit your loved ones and let them see your baby but you have apprehensions about your little one flying on a plane. Is it safe? Can the infant stand the air pressure?…And so on.. So obviously, the question is, what is the right age for a baby to ride an airplane?


When he reaches 2 – 3 months old. At this time, his immune system is strong enough to withstand the germs that are often found in plane ventilation systems.

AnotherĀ  reason is that you have built the routine of breast and bottle feeding your child.

The air pressure during the plane take-off and landing can be painful for an infant but it won’t cause any major damage, not unlessĀ  your baby has an ear infection. Then this should make you worry to just keep your rfid protection for the meantime and cancel the flight, until he is well enough to travel.

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