Parenting Styles

Waking up early + unending household chores + baby tending + errands = parenthood. Being a mother might look easy but it’s a very hard task. You have to manage your time, your abilities, your patience — because, believe it or not,  at certain stressful points and scenarios, you’re going to want to scream at the top of your lungs. But did you know that there are different parenting styles in everyone of us.

Authoritative Parenting.  They allow their child to be independent and self reliant. Through this, they could freely do what they want and become more confident in it. Referred as democratic style of parenting, it sets limits with demands but is responsive.

Authoritarian Parenting.  Military type of discipline. Parents do shout, embarrass and punish their children in the public. Kid who grow in this kind of environment tend to be conscious and shy.

Indulgent Parenting. Allows the children to do whatever they want and accept everything a child wishes to achieve. The result is what we call spoiled brats.

Neglectful Parenting. Parents are not involved in taking care of their children. With this, child tends to be more independent and sometimes behave differently.

You may have different parenting style but as the day end you’ll realize and understand the meaning of family life and how to value your kids the way you value Kennedy half dollars

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