Malunggay: A Mother’s Best Source of Nutritional Needs


Lactating mothers should get the proper nutrition they need, especially now that they are feeding their baby. One source of it is Malunggay leaves or pods. A good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carotenoids and carbohydrates. This helps increase your milk supply and at the same time enrich the quality of milk generated.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I was told to eat malunggay everyday for me to have enough breast milk supply. At first, the clinic gave me Moringga capsules that I should take once a day. But these previous weeks, I opted for a natural method. 

My aunt has malunggay trees in her backyard so I just have to cut a few leaves to cook. What I always do, and you can as well, is clean the leaves, then simmer it for at least a minute or two. That’s it! You can even make this as a substitute for water. This is the water I use when I prepared my chocolate drink. Believe me, it does not affect the taste. :)

Well, to give you the benefits of malunggay, here’s an infographic you can take a look at:


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