Keeping Track of Fetal Movements

As early as 18 weeks of pregnancy, you will begin to feel your baby’s kicks. It may not be that obvious at first but you will begin to notice that it gets clearer as your pregnancy goes further. It’s at these time that you need to start keeping track of fetal movements from your little one.¬†

There is a pattern in a child’s movement inside your tummy. You may not have written it or timed it in¬†citizen watches but it is advised for you to be more attentive of his movements when you reach 7 months in your pregnancy.

Consider the significant change in your baby’s movement patterns. It should be a warning sign for you if his movement decreases.

One way to keep the baby’s movement is by doing kick counts:

  • Know what time of the day when your baby is most active. Start timing his fetal movements about the same time each day
  • Sit or lie down in a relaxing position. Focus on your baby’s movements
  • Check and write down the time when you feel his movement. Count his every move until it reaches 10 times. That’s enough for the day
  • Do this everyday. :)

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  1. Awww…this is so nice!! My sis is 5 months pregnant and has a cute little bump. I am waiting for the time when the baby starts kicking…somethings in life you can never miss out on, right? Her godh bharai or baby shower will be held in I guess a month’s time and I am the planner…super excited!! I was having a hearty laugh when I was reading this article: Share the myths that you came across….very interesting and funny!!

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