Forms of Formula Milk

1. Liquid concentrate formula¬†– you can read in the instructions (found at the box) on how to mix the concentrated milk with water. It’s cheaper than ready-to-use formula and needs less preparation than powdered milk.

2. Ready-to-use formula – Very easy to prepare and hygienic. This formula milk is usually given to newborns in the hospital.

Downside is, once you open the container, you must consume it within 48 hours.

3. Powdered formula РTakes a lot of time to prepare. This is good for breastfeeding moms who may need some extra to give her kiddo in addition to her supply. Most moms use this kind of formula milk.

It has a one-month shelf life compared to ready-to-use formula.


Whichever suits your baby best, just be sure to check on the ingredients, the type of protein, and the carb that the formula milk has.



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