Fetal Distress: Signs, Symptoms, Causes

Fetal distress is a particular complication or signs before or during childbirth showing that the baby may not be fine. This usually happens when your baby has not been receiving enough oxygen brought about by postmaturity or when complications of pregnancy or labor occur. In this way, the infant’s heart beat becomes flat or continues to drop, gradually stressing the fetus. To give you a better view of the situation, here are the signs, symptoms, and causes of fetal distress:

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Abnormal heart rate pattern in the fetus (decreasing or increasing)
  • You feel your baby’s fetal movement inside slowly decreases


  • Abnormal position and presentation of the fetus
  • Umbilical cord is looped around the baby’s neck
  • Liver disorder during pregnancy
  • Uterine infection
  • Placental abruption
  • Multiple births

What doctors can do:

  • They will recommend caesarean section or rapid delivery
  • Give you extra IV fluid and oxygen to stop contractions

Moms, we never really know if our baby is facing fetal distress so we need to always have their heart rates monitored by the doctors and in addition, take care of ourselves, steering clear of  unhealthy diet, bad vices (drinking liquors, smoking-eventhough cigar prices are getting low these days) etc.

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