Exercise For Babies

As young as they are, babies need to exercise to strengthen their muscles, to help them in their motor skills, for their development physically, mentally and emotionally, and to prevent delayed infant development.

According to experts,  sucking, swallowing, and breathing all at once is exercise. There are also a few suggested gentle baby exercises, good for 1-4 months old, that you can do to begin demonstrating healthy habits:

  • Position your baby’s back on the floor then wrap his hand around your forefinger. Gently draw his hands toward you (Do not pull the baby). Repeat this for 5 times with each arm
  • Let him lie on his back. Hold his legs and gently push one leg up close to the chest. Extend the other leg while you do this. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times

You can always do these simple exercises on your wee hours. While waiting for your order here for yoga mats, playing in the park, etc. Just make it enjoyable for your little ones.

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