Development Stages of A Toddler

One of the many exciting moments of being a parent is seeing your little ones progress during their early years. Their first response, their wonderful smile, how they crawl and when they start to eat solid food. Walking with them in these phases  makes you more proud and confident that your child is on the right track. Here are some development stages and changes you can expect from your child:

Cup sipping throughout the day then feeding bottle at night – According to Nutrition experts, the suggested age for this is from 12 to 24 months. Sippy cup is the best way to prepare your child to drinking in the real cup without having to worry about spilling.

Potty training – Studies show that you can start potty training your li’l one at 27 to 32 months of age. Don’t pressure yourself if at first you don’t succeed. You can try encouraging him by praising or by giving areward.

Use of utensil – Toddlers are much investigative when it comes to feeding. You can start by giving him finger food. Next, introduce to him how to use the spoon. Expect it to be messy but it will soon lessen as your child become more independent on his feeding.

It is important to walk with him through these changes. Always give him hugs like toggle bolts for those little accomplishments he has done.  It will give him the confidence and boost to try and learn new things.

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