Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

A few days from now and it’s Christmas time! While others are wondering what to expect this season, many are cramming to complete their shopping list before the big day. Gadgets, home appliances, grocery items – the list keeps on going.

For parents, you also want to give something special for your little ones. These Christmas gift ideas for kids will help you on your shopping.


Thinking of soccer gifts? Who can resist this handmade soccer pillow – Mr. Socceroo Pillow Pal. Get it at for $24


Try to look for this Mini Baby Rocker Newborn Set at any baby stores. Good for boys and girls


This cute Torva Soft Toy is only $8 at


Let your little one spin away with this Wonder Wheel’s. Price: $9 at


For ages 1 and up, this Mix ‘n Max Zoom Around Rocker is one of those huggable gifts you can give your child. $100 via



This Karen Katz Daddy and Me Teether and Rattle will help soothe your baby’s sore gums. For $7, order it via


For $14.99, get this Push and Go elephant through Let it spin and churn to create lots of cool visual effects.

Did you find anything you like? There are many shops, either in malls or online where you can get the best gifts for your kids. Do always remember their safety first before buying anything.

Now, if  you don’t have enough budget to purchase any of these stuff, you can always make something out of your hands.

One example from is the Farmhand Puppets:


  • Felt
  • Old glove
  • Glue


  • Cut 5 felt circles. Place an old glove palm side up.
  • Glue felt circle to each finger tip. Cut felt pieces to make animals faces.
  • Glue them to felt circles. Let glue dry. Then put your hand inside glove and make your own puppet play.

If in case, there’s more, kindly share your thoughts and top Christmas gifts for kids at the comment box below.


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