A Child’s Protection From The Rain

Children love to play at the sight of the rain. There’s a part of every child’s heart that keeps them alive when a drop tickles their toes. However, this fun moment brings concern and apprehension to parents. Out there, sickness are just awaiting for someone to victimize.¬†

Colds, flu, fever, and worst-leptospirosis-are some of the common illnesses they might get outside. So, how do you protect your child from the rain?

Parents, it is alright if you allow your child to have those fun experience. You have been there too. Just prepare for safety measures. Give them time (15 minutes play time) while soaked. Prepare their Spidi Boots to protect them from other diseases. Vitamin C also helps in protecting them from colds and flu.

Remember, wise parents do not deprive their children. They allow them with precautionary eyes.

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