Nutrients That Your Child Needs

Your child is growing real fast. One day he’s just a little helpless baby and the next he’s out there running and playing on his own! With all these changes, he also needs all the ESSENTIAL nutrients he can get. … Continue reading

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Skin Problem: Intertrigo

Do you have that unpleasant rashes and smell under your boobs, armpits, belly part and the genital area? You might be having intertrigo. It is a condition in which larger skin-fold areas of your body are greatly affected. Because skins in these areas are irritated by friction, it then leads to itching, redness and foul odor. In infants, it is commonly called as a diaper rash.  Continue reading

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Eczema in Babies

Babies commonly are target of different skin diseases because they have weaker immune system than adults. Eczema is one of the skin problems encountered by infants. This is also called atopic dermatitis, a skin rash that appears before age five. It shows up on the cheeks and scalp. In babies, it can be spread in the legs, arms and other parts of the body. Eczema is a dry, itchy, reddish and cracked skin condition which sometimes oozes fluid and bleed. Continue reading

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Is You Child A Picky Eater?

I still experience this little “war” with my Caeli whenever I feed her. Every meal becomes a battlefield! I would have to think of ways to distract her and make her eat the food. Then I learned this tips on … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Tips: Caring For Your Nipples

Breastfeeding is still best for babies because the milk that is being produced by your glands is very healthy. Both the mother and the child can benefit from it. But breastfeeding can be a burden when you encounter nipple problems … Continue reading

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AmaZinc: Good Health for Baby

Babies are vulnerable to common diseases like community-acquired pneumonia and diarrhea. Parents do different ways to make their little one stay healthy as much as possible.

Pediatricians strongly recommend vitamin C or Ascorbic acid to strengthen the immune system of infants as early as six months. But Zinc supplementation can do a lot better together with Ascorbic acid because of its beneficial effects to children depending on your pediatrician’s prescription. Zinc is a mineral and plays a lot of roles in the body: Continue reading

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Caesarian Delivery – Post Natal Care

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience of being a woman. You should have preparations for your bundle of joy. But in a Caesarian delivery or C-section, whether it is planned or emergency takes a lot of consideration after giving birth. … Continue reading

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Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

Even before his tooth peeks, it should be a daily habit for you to clean your baby’s gums. This will keep the bacteria from accumulating inside his mouth. Also, this will get him used to the routine.

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Forms of Formula Milk

1. Liquid concentrate formula - you can read in the instructions (found at the box) on how to mix the concentrated milk with water. It’s cheaper than ready-to-use formula and needs less preparation than powdered milk. Continue reading

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What Makes An Exhibit Floor Display Look Good and Be Effective

One of the many things that give pleasure to my eyes when visiting malls together with my family are the exhibit floor displays. They do really come in different forms. Some are very simple, while others very colorful. My baby … Continue reading

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